Career Skills

Microsoft is Retiring Several Popular Certifications

For decades, Microsoft has been pushing certifications as a way to show your expertise in a particular area. Spanning from on-premises to the cloud and productivity software, these certifications are utilized by the IT industry to help find experts in specific areas.

Feb 28, 2020|Brad Sams

Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s New Cloud Printing Service Moves Closer to Release

Early last year, we first caught wind that Microsoft was working on a new cloud-based printing feature. The idea is simple, bring printing into the modern age with a cloud-based printing solution.

Feb 26, 2020|Brad Sams


To Address 2 Billion Workers, Microsoft is Thinking Outside the Conversation

Microsoft is working to address this market by adding functionality to its popular Teams application to enhance workflows for all types of workplace scenarios. The company is also building hardware, such as the Surface Go, to help bring low-cost, high quality, interactions to the Firstline worker.

Feb 25, 2020|Brad Sams


MJFChat: Everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about Microsoft 365

Our next MJFChat, scheduled for Monday, February 17, is all about Microsoft 365 with M365 Senior Product Marketing Manager Stephen Rose.

Feb 20, 2020|Petri Staff


A Roundup of Microsoft’s RSA Announcements

The 2020 RSA is taking place next week but Microsoft is announcing the general availability of several services ahead of the event.

Feb 20, 2020|Brad Sams

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS Leads the Growing Cloud Market

The cloud market has continued to grow at a rapid pace and according to research by Synergy Research Group Amazon AWS remains the clear leader in the cloud market. Synergy Research Group estimated that cloud growth is 37% per year and they also noted that the rate of growth for the cloud market is beginning to slow down.

Feb 19, 2020|Michael Otey


Microsoft Releases Alpha Version of PowerShell Secrets Management Module

Taking a look at the developer preview of a new PowerShell module from Microsoft that aims to make storing and securely accessing secrets easier in your PowerShell scripts.

Feb 17, 2020|Russell Smith

Office 365

Teams Certificate Outage Causes Office 365 Tenants Concern

The fact that the Teams outage on 3 February was caused by an expired authentication certificate is enough to cause Office 365 tenants to ask why such a thing happened. Teams is built on top of a lot of Office 365 and Azure components, so it's not altogether surprising that issues happen in what is a very complex infrastructure spread around the world. But given Microsoft's hyped focus on DevOps, you would have thought that something as fundamental as an expired certificate would have been picked up and fixed before it caused customer disruption.

Feb 10, 2020|Tony Redmond


Microsoft 365 Knowledge Series Episode 2: Office 365 and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 Knowledge Series is a learning path about how small to enterprise-sized companies can fully utilize the Microsoft 365 solution for their organizations.

Feb 4, 2020|Petri Staff

Office 365

Microsoft Launches Preview PowerShell Module for Graph

Microsoft has made a preview PowerShell module for the Graph available for developers to play with. Being able to use PowerShell with the Graph exposes a lot of data to play with, so it's a great addition to the administrator toolkit. To see how things worked in practice,, I convert a script to report Teams channels that are email-enabled to use the Graph module. Things worked out pretty well, but as you'd expect, some rough edges exist that need to be smoothed.

Feb 4, 2020|Tony Redmond

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