SharePoint Online

Using Office 365 Sensitivity Labels with Teams, Groups, and Sites

Office 365 Sensitivity Labels can now be applied to "containers" - Teams, Office 365 Groups, and SharePoint sites. Sensitivity labels replace the old text-only classifications that have been available since 2016. The labels don't affect the contents of the containers, but they can control some container settings, like whether a team allows guest access or if it's open to any tenant user to join. It's yet another development in the label and protection story for Office 365.

Mar 19, 2020|Tony Redmond

Windows 10

Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: March 13

Because of the Coronavirus, this edition of Short Takes looks at a lot of virus-related collateral damage, including Microsoft Build 2020, Apple’s retail stores, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s ability to manufacture hardware, and even the DOD JEDI contract. OK, that one isn’t related to the Coronavirus.

Mar 13, 2020|Paul Thurrott


VMware Embraces Kubernetes for App Modernization

Like many businesses today, VMware has embraced Kubernetes as a path forward to rearchitect modern apps and extend infrastructure and app management across the data center, edge and cloud.

Mar 12, 2020|Michael Otey

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Embraces Office 365 Sensitivity Labels

SharePoint Online is embracing Office 365 Sensitivity Labels to allow protected documents to be processed by indexing and available to content searches. The Office Online apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) also support the application of sensitivity labels. The only disappointment is that the SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business browser interfaces don't allow labels to be applied to documents.

Mar 10, 2020|Tony Redmond

Active Directory

Google Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory Reaches General Availability

Google makes it easier for enterprises to move apps that rely on Windows Server Active Directory to Google Cloud.

Mar 5, 2020|Russell Smith

Windows Client OS

Understanding User Settings and Data Synchronization in Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge

How account synchronization works in the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Mar 4, 2020|Russell Smith


Economic Impact Study Says Outlook Mobile is Good. How Surprising!

A Forrester Research study sponsored by Microsoft concludes that the deployment of Outlook Mobile brings big benefits for organizations. Given the funding source, the outcome is hardly surprising. But like with all similar reports, the important thing is to view the findings through the lens of your organization to understand the good points and discard the marketing messages. In a nutshell, all your need to understand is that Outlook mobile is the best mobile email client for Exchange Online.

Mar 3, 2020|Tony Redmond

Windows Server 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Windows – February 2020

This month sees Microsoft pull a standalone security update, release a Windows 10X emulator so that developers can start adapting apps to work with the upcoming dual-screen SKU, we get more details on the container architecture in Windows 10X, a public preview of FIDO2 support for hybrid Azure Active Directory deployments, and much more.

Mar 2, 2020|Russell Smith


Microsoft 365 Knowledge Series Episode 3: Management and Security

This week, we look at the management capabilities available in Microsoft 365, which provide a unified interface for managing users, devices, apps, and services plus security features aimed at safeguarding data at every level.

Feb 28, 2020|Petri Staff

Career Skills

Microsoft is Retiring Several Popular Certifications

For decades, Microsoft has been pushing certifications as a way to show your expertise in a particular area. Spanning from on-premises to the cloud and productivity software, these certifications are utilized by the IT industry to help find experts in specific areas.

Feb 28, 2020|Brad Sams

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