Microsoft’s StaffHub Comes To Office 365

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Microsoft has announced a new feature for Office 365 and it is called StaffHub. The new tool, which is included with Office 365 K1, E1, E3 and E5 plans (including the Education version) helps with information sharing/scheduling and also has the ability to connect to other work-related apps and resources.

If you have ever been in a role where you are required to manage a schedule for staff, it’s a serious time-sink if you don’t have the proper tools. While there are many options available to help with this task, Microsoft is now including one for ‘free’ with your Office 365 subscription (provided you are in the correct tier).

The app makes it possible to setup a schedule quickly and also allows employees to swap shifts from inside the mobile apps. The apps also act as the scheduling manager where an employee can view their upcoming shifts and managers can update the schedules in real-time too. Currently, you can access the platform from the web and iOS/Android apps; there are no Windows 10 apps available at this time

In addition, this app makes it easy for manager to distribute information to their teams; policy documents, news videos, etc. And if the need arrises, this is also an easy way for manager to communicate 1:1 with an employee as well.The StaffHub app does not work in isolation either, it can connect to other applications like Kronos.

The app is now available today and comes at no additional charge to your Office 365 subscription. Microsoft is once again trying to show the value of its Office 365 subscription model and is continuously adding new services with today’s announcement of StaffHub and also applications like Teams.