Microsoft Begins the Process to Shutdown Window Store for Business and Education

If there is one thing that has not materialized in a way that Microsoft had hoped, it would be app stores. The store on Windows 10, while it is filled with apps, has not lived up to the business objectives that were initially outlined and the same can be said for other stores like business and education.

And now it looks like Microsoft is taking more decisive action, at least for the business and education storefronts. The company has announced, via MC244068, that the company is starting to close down the business and education stores.

Specifically, the company says in the message that all apps that are sold, meaning every app that is not free, will no longer be available for purchase in the business or education stores. Further, anonymous browsing of the stores has been disabled and only those with active Azure AD accounts will be able to view the content.

It’s important to note that Minecraft of Education is not impacted by these changes.

If you have purchased apps from these marketplaces, you will still be able to receive updates and access your applications but you can no longer purchase new apps or licenses going forward. After these changes take place, which will occur on April 14th, you will still be able to assign and re-assign the licenses that you have already purchased.

This is a big change for Microsoft and acknowledgment that its store tactics have not materialized in a way that has provided enough value to keep these tools around. If you are a user of this tool or are selling products via this method, this is going to be a big change to your operation.

While this is not the complete shutdown of these storefronts, this is the first big step to sunsetting the services.