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Microsoft Releases New Recovery Tool to Fix Windows Systems Hit by CrowdStrike Outage

Microsoft has released a new Recovery Tool designed to help IT administrators quickly restore Windows machines impacted by the recent CrowdStrike outage. This tool automates the recovery process by creating a bootable USB to expedite the restoration of affected devices. Last week, cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike released a buggy update for its Falcon security software, causing...



First Ring Daily: Crowd Struck

In this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad Sams and Paul Thurrott discuss the botched CloudStrike update that triggered a massive worldwide outage impacting Microsoft’s infrastructure and many other organizations.

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Microsoft Releases July 2024 Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft has released the July 2024 Patch Tuesday updates for all supported versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10. This month, Microsoft fixed 142 security vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, and other components, and users can also expect the usual bug fixes and quality improvements. Microsoft has rolled out a couple of new features, improvements, and…

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How to Recover Your PC Using System Restore on Windows 10

Last Update: Jul 08, 2024

System Restore on Windows 10 is a crucial backup feature included in the OS. It lets you create restore points before installing any new apps, drivers, and Windows updates. If something you installed on your PC starts causing issues, you’ll always have the option to go back to a previous restore point and get your…

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How To Find Windows 10 Stop Codes and Fix Errors Quickly

Last Update: Jul 04, 2024

Windows 10 doesn’t reliably give you easy access to stop codes when it crashes. Plus, these codes may flash on your screen for just half a second! In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Windows 10 stop codes, find the reasons behind Windows 10 crashes, and guide you to solidify your Windows reliability…

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Windows File Sharing with SMB: Port 445, 139, 138, and 137 Explained

Last Update: Jun 18, 2024

Many IT pros probably take for granted sharing files on their predominantly Windows environments and local area networks. Although several protocols are available, Server Message Block (SMB) is clearly the most prevalent. This article examines how Windows file sharing works over ports 445, 139, 138, and 137. How does file sharing via the SMB protocol…

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Microsoft Releases June 2024 Patch Tuesday Updates

Microsoft released yesterday the June 2024 Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 11 and Windows 10 devices. This month, the company has released security patches to address 49 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, and other components. On the quality and experiences update front, Microsoft has released a couple of improvements for the Windows Share menu in Windows…

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How to Configure Windows LAPS in an Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) Scenario

Last Update: Jun 03, 2024

Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (Windows LAPS) is a powerful tool that allows organizations to better manage and protect their local administrator account passwords on Windows devices. This feature is available on Azure Active Directory-joined or Windows Server Active Directory-joined devices. In this article, I will explain how to configure Windows LAPS in an Microsoft…

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: Earnings Special Edition (October 2017)

Last Update: May 29, 2024

Because quarterly earnings are in the air, this edition of Short Takes focuses on Microsoft’s earnings announcement this week.

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Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition (October 2015)

Last Update: May 29, 2024

Because Microsoft only releases its earnings four times a year, this week’s other news focuses exclusively on those earnings, which beat expectations.

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