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How to Fully Patch the PrintNightmare Vulnerability

Image Credit: Microsoft If you are an admin and have been scrambling the past week to patch the PrintNightmare vulnerability, you are not alone. The messaging around this zero-day has been confusing with Microsoft saying they have a solution, industry experts saying it’s not effective, and now Microsoft saying “you’re patching it wrong”. Microsoft isn’t...


SCARY: “Atom Bomb” Windows Security Hole said to be Unfixable

Windows has an unfixable security flaw. That’s the frightening conclusion of this researcher, who says he can inject code—at will—into browsers and other Windows apps. It affects all versions of Windows released in the past 16 years, he says. And it can’t be patched, without breaking legitimate desktop apps. It could be bad for containerized server workloads, too…

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Download Windows 2000 SP4 Deploy Tools

What are the Windows W2K Deploy Tools? Where can I get them? Why do I need them? The Windows 2000 Resource Kit Deployment Tools ( assists system administrators in installing Windows 2000 on multiple computers. This file contains updates to the deployment tools and documentation. Some of the files included are SYSPREP, SETUP MANAGER and…

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Deploy Recovery Console through RIS in Windows 2000

Can I use Remote Installation Server (RIS) to deploy the Recovery Console to my client machines? You can use an RIS to boot the client to Windows 2000 text-mode Setup, and then select the Recovery Console option. WARNING : This process is to be used only when recovery of the system is needed. This process resets…

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Windows 2000 MCSA Certification Requirements

What are the Windows 2000 MCSA certification requirements? The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credential proves that you have the skills to successfully implement, manage, and troubleshoot the ongoing needs of Microsoft Windows 2000–based operating environments, including Windows Windows Server 2003. An MCSA candidate should have 12 months of experience working with a desktop operating system,…

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Whatis Port 445 in W2K/XP/2003?

What is port 445 used for in Windows 2000/XP? Among the new ports used by Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, is TCP port 445 which is used for SMB over TCP. The SMB (Server Message Block) protocol is used among other things for file sharing in Windows NT/2000/XP. In Windows NT it…

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Install Windows 2000 Server

How can I install Windows 2000 Server? As a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server support professional, one of your tasks may be to install the operating system. Step #1: Plan your installation When you run the Windows 2000 Server Setup program, you must provide information about how to install and configure the operating system. Thorough planning…

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Windows 2000 MCSE Certification Requirements

What are the Windows 2000 MCSE certification requirements? The Windows 2000 track of the MCSE credential is designed for information technology (IT) professionals working in the typically complex computing environment of medium to large organizations. An MCSE candidate should have at least one year of experience implementing and administering a network operating system in environments…

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Install Windows 2000 Without Supplying the CD Key

How can I install Windows 2000 without supplying the CD key? You can configure W2K to install without having to manually enter the CD key during the setup process. First, you want to copy your Windows 2000 setup files from your CD to your hard drive. You have to copy at least the I386 directory….

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Install Hebrew on Windows 2000

How can I install and use Hebrew fonts on my Windows 2000 computer? Windows 2000 (and XP/2003/Vista) has the built-in ability to display Hebrew fonts on your system without the need to install language packs or special localized versions of the OS. To see Hebrew fonts on your Windows 2000 computer you MUST perform the…

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