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Windows 2000

Install Windows 2000 Without Supplying the CD Key

Daniel Petri


How can I install Windows 2000 without supplying the CD key?

You can configure W2K to install without having to manually enter the CD key during the setup process.

First, you want to copy your Windows 2000 setup files from your CD to your hard drive. You have to copy at least the I386 directory.

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Now go into the I386 directory you just copied onto your hard drive and look for a file called setupp.ini.

Right click it, select Properties, and remove the Read-only checkmark. Now open the file to edit it.

Your setupp.ini file should read something like this:


Replace the 3 X’s (generally it’ll be three zeros) at the end with "270". It should now read something like this:


That’s it! Now you can now install Windows 2000 without a serial number!

You should remember that doing this might be considered illegal in Microsoft’s eyes so as such it’s not something I would recommend to do.

Note: I don’t know if this trick also works for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Check it out and do let me know .

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