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The Friday Funny: Komputer Kindergarten

Want to learn the finer points of pointing, clicking, and DOS 6.0? Tune in to this hilarious retro computer training video starring Kim Komando.

May 3, 2013|Kara Luger

The Friday Funny: The Infamous Windows BSOD at Comdex 1998

Travel back to PC yesteryear, when a pre-release version of Windows 98 crashed in front of Bill Gates and millions of onlookers.

Mar 29, 2013|Jeff James

The Friday Funny: Tough-Guy IP Talk

You think you know about IPv4? Well, do ya, punk? Check out this week's hilarious picture for some tough-guy IP humor.

Mar 22, 2013|Kara Luger

The Friday Funny: Computability

Watch as comedian Steve Allen shows the joys of home computers and data entry in this hilarious '80s video

Mar 15, 2013|Kara Luger

The Friday Funny: Cat Printer Repair

Need a printer in the office fixed? This feline help desk technician can give you some pointers.

Mar 8, 2013|Jeff James

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