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The Friday Funny: Mr T. Battles IT Consultants, Frees Zombies

Ever lay awake at night wondering what Mr. T thinks of virtualization? Sleep soundly, dear readers, for now we know the answer.

Jun 21, 2013|Jeff James

Microsoft IT Slang and Buzzwords

IT slang? Let's double-click on that. Pick up some of Microsoft buzzwords in today's Friday Funny!

Jun 14, 2013|Jeff James

The Friday Funny: Man of Steel à la Minecraft

Looking for a short diversion on a Friday afternoon? Watch Superman get the Minecraft treatment in our latest edition of The Friday Funny.

Jun 7, 2013|Jeff James

The Friday Funny: LEGO Datacenter at TechEd 2012

Step inside the LEGO Brick Office 365 data center and get a look at the future of cloud computing – well, as rendered by millions of small plastic bricks.

May 24, 2013|Jeff James

The Friday Funny: Daft Punk via Floppy Drives

Like Daft Punk? Check out this fan's video, which sets "Aerodynamic" to music -- via eight floppy drives.

May 17, 2013|Jeff James

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