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MS Excel’s Science SNAFUs -- Bug or User Error?

Microsoft Excel causes problems in genetic research. That’s the claim of three researchers from an Australian institute, who discovered almost 20% of data sets contained errors introduced by Excel. The problem is Excel being “clever”—guessing the type of data it’s being asked to import. Unfortunately...

Aug 26, 2016|Richi Jennings

SQL Server 2016 Reaches General Availability

SQL Server 2016 has reached general availability, meaning that the software is now ready for production environments.

Jun 1, 2016|Brad Sams

SQL Server Management Studio 2016: Subtle Changes Yield Big Wins

Michel K. Campbell discusses how one of the big changes with SQL Server 2016 is bringing a slew of new benefits to end users.

May 4, 2016|Michael Campbell

SQL Server 2016 is Coming June 1, Here’s What’s in Each Edition

Microsoft has announced the availability of SQL Server 2016 and the features that will be in each edition of the platform.

May 2, 2016|Brad Sams

The Costs of Running SQL Server on Linux

Michael K. Campbell shares his thoughts on Microsoft's decision to run SQL Server on Linux, along with associated costs that likely motivated the tech giant's decision.

Apr 7, 2016|Michael Campbell

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