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Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server

Last Update: Nov 08, 2023

Michael Simmons serves up five simple steps for getting started with SQL Server as an IT administrator in his new article series.

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Backup and Restore Users on a Remote SQL Database with T-SQL and PowerShell

Last Update: Jun 12, 2023

I’ve added a lot of skills to my tech toolbox over the years, and I’ve found PowerShell to be the most useful addition. As my skills with PowerShell increased, I’ve looked to use it more. That’s a great thing, because PowerShell is so prolific on Microsoft systems today, that in many instances it’s become the primary way…

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Use Managed Metadata Keywords to Improve Tagging of SharePoint Content

Last Update: Dec 16, 2022

Keywords are your friend. Learn to use the managed metadata service app in SharePoint 2013 and create enterprise keyword term sets while you’re at it.

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Search XML files with PowerShell using Select-XML

Last Update: Aug 02, 2022

Michael Simmons demonstrates how to easily search XML files using PowerShell and the helpful Select-XML cmdlet.

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Beginning SQL Server Database Administration: Key Concepts

Last Update: Jun 24, 2022

Michael Simmons continues his SQL Server journey by reviewing key terms and concepts, along with a primer on SQL Server Management Studio.

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Getting Started with PowerShell Profiles

Michael Simmons shows us why PowerShell profiles are useful and provides three great examples of how to use them in your everyday work.

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SharePoint Site Collection Ownership Issues: Assigning Permissions to a Web Application

Often farm administrators are listed as SharePoint site collection owners in many new SharePoint implementations. Michael Simmons explains why this isn’t the best idea to put into practice.

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What is Chef?

The powerful Chef automation tool is becoming one of the more popular IT automation and management offerings. Michael Simmons takes a look and explains what all the fuss is about.

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Using PowerShell with XML

Have a need to use PowerShell with XML files? Learn all about using Windows PowerShell with XML in this introductory article by Michael Simmons.

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Using SharePoint 2013 Managed Navigation to Link to a Search Results Page

In this helpful post, find out how to use managed navigation to link to a search results page in SharePoint. Display information, tidy up your URLs, and more!

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