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AWS (Amazon Web Services)

How to Set Up an AWS EFS File System

Amazon Elastic File System (AWS EFS) is an easy-to-use and...

May 25, 2022|Arian Modiramani

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon EC2 Now Supports NitroTPM and UEFI Secure Boot

Security ranks pretty high on everyone’s lists nowadays and that’s...

May 24, 2022|Michael Otey

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Snow Family Now Supports Remote Monitoring and Operations

AWS Snowball customers can now manage their connected Snowball Edge devices...

May 9, 2022|Michael Otey

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Confirms Log4j Hotpatch Fix Leads to Privilege Escalation

Back in December, Amazon released emergency fixes to address the...

Apr 21, 2022|Rabia Noureen

Cloud Computing

Microsoft to Make Changes to Cloud Licensing Restrictions after Customer Complaints

Microsoft is planning to make some changes to the way...

Apr 18, 2022|Rabia Noureen

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