AWS Chatbot Integration Now Available in Microsoft Teams

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams. The new integration allows customers to securely monitor and troubleshoot their AWS infrastructure directly from Microsoft Teams channels.

AWS Chatbot was first announced back in 2019. The service enables IT admins to receive real-time alerts about their AWS resources within the chat applications. AWS Chatbot is a powerful tool that helps to streamline workflows, improve collaboration and manage AWS infrastructure.

With this release, enterprise customers can implement ChatOps for AWS within their Microsoft Teams channels. The integration between Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Simple Notification Service lets users receive notifications from more than 200 AWS services within Teams channels. Amazon EventBridge also integrates with Amazon Simple Notification Service to send event-related information.

“AWS Chatbot allows you to receive predefined CloudWatch dashboards interactively and retrieve Logs Insights logs to troubleshoot issues directly from the chat thread. You can also directly type in the chat channel most AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) commands to retrieve additional telemetry data or resource information or to run runbooks to remediate the issues,” AWS explained.

AWS Chatbot Now Available in Microsoft Teams

AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams lets users ask questions in natural language

Additionally, AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams enables users to ask questions using natural language commands. It scans AWS documentation and support articles to provide relevant answers directly within Teams channels.

If you’re interested, you can download AWS Chatbot from the Microsoft Teams app at no additional cost. You can find the step-by-step guide about configuring the integration between AWS Chatbot and Microsoft Teams on this support page.