What Is Thunderbolt 3?

Russell explains what Thunderbolt 3 is and where USB Type-C connectors fit into the picture. As the Thunderbolt 3 cables start to roll out, remember to check to verify that they can handle transfer speeds of up to 40 Gb/s if you want maximum benefit.


Deploy a Windows 8.1 Image Onto a Surface Pro: Create Offline USB Media Within MDT 2013

In part 2 of our series, learn to create the offline USB media from within MDT 2013 and install a Windows 8.1 image with offline USB device media.

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How to Deploy a Custom Windows 8.1 Image Onto a Surface Pro Via USB Media

In part 1 of a new series, find out how to install a Windows 8.1 image by using offline USB device media – part of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 (MDT 2013).

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Disabling Access to Removable Storage in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Later

USB sticks can lead to security risks. Learn how to apply a policy to quickly block all removable storage in this Ask an Admin.

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The Friday Funny: Squirming USB Tentacle

Don’t have enough squirming tentacles sticking out of your unused USB ports? Check out our creepy solution!

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Researchers Distribute Malware Via iOS Power Charger

Researcher surprised the industry when they infected an iOS with malware via an innocuous charger. We discuss staying vigilant against future malware attacks.

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Increase Storage Space with a Surface Pro Recovery USB Stick

Unhappy with your new Microsoft Surface Pro’s lack of storage space? Learn to increase storage with a recovery USB stick.

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Boot a Hyper-V Virtual Machine from a USB Drive

Can’t get enough virtualization? Learn how to boot a Hyper-V VM to a USB drive in this tutorial by IT pro Peter de Tender.

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How to access USB and Other PCI Devices in VMware ESXi4 VMs with VMDirectPath

In this latest article in his series on vSphere4 Tom Finnis explains one of the less publicised new features in ESXi4 – VMDirectPath; which allows host PCI & PCIe devices to be passed through to the virtual machine.

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