Microsoft 365 Copilot semantic index

Microsoft and AI: What Is the Copilot Semantic Index and How Does It Work?

Microsoft recently announced that it is taking a significant step forward by enhancing its search indexing capabilities with AI technology in the form of Copilot Semantic Index, which is part of Copilot for Microsoft 365. A semantic index uses vectorized indices to build a conceptual map of data by linking it together in meaningful ways,...

Last Update: Mar 21, 2024


Cloud Computing

Microsoft Leads the Way in Responsible AI Integration and ESG Compliance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly evolved from a sci-fi fantasy to a part of the everyday vernacular for individuals and businesses alike. The guidance and insights in this blog post dissect how AI can apply to all aspects of ESG compliance and how companies like Microsoft are shining examples of how to integrate responsible AI…

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Nvidia AI

First Ring Daily: AI Boom Helps Nvidia Double its Quarterly Revenue

In this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad Sams and Paul Thurrott discuss Nvidia doubling its revenue in Q2 thanks to high demand for AI chips, and Microsoft not planning to cut prices for Xbox hardware.

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Microsoft Bing AI Satya Nadella

First Ring Daily: Bing Isn’t Growing, But AI Still Has a Place

In this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad Sams and Paul Thurrott discuss Bing’s stagnating market share despite Microsoft investing over 10 billion dollars into OpenAI.

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Is AI Going to Change Backup and Recovery Strategies?

If you’re following industry trends, there’s no doubt that generative AI is the hottest new technology of the past year. And with Microsoft, Google, and other major tech companies jumping on this generative AI bandwagon, this trend isn’t going to be abated anytime soon. In IT, a rapidly growing number of software vendors now have…

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Windows Copilot

First Ring Daily: AI on the Desktop

In this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad Sams and Paul Thurrott discuss Microsoft killing off the Cortana app on Windows 11, what the new Windows Copilot brings to the table, and more.

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Windows 11 2022 Update

What’s New in Windows – July 2023

With the exception of Windows 11 Moment 3 landing for everyone in July, it’s been a fairly quiet month. But Insiders did get access to Windows Copilot and the new Outlook for Windows client and Microsoft revealed more about Windows 11 version 23H2. Let’s get started! Windows 11 Moment 3 generally available with July Patch…

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Amazon AWS

Amazon Bedrock Brings Generative AI Capabilities to AWS

Last Update: Jun 30, 2023

Amazon announced yesterday Amazon Bedrock, a new platform allowing organizations to build and scale generative AI applications in the likes of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Despite being the leading cloud provider with Amazon Web Services, the company was a bit late to join the generative AI race but it’s well positioned to catch up.  “At AWS, we…

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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Releases Azure OpenAI Service for Government Customers

Microsoft announced yesterday that its Azure OpenAI Service is now available for Azure Government customers. The new service will allow government agencies to use generative AI capabilities in a way that meets security and privacy requirements. According to Microsoft, the new service enables federal, state, and local government agencies to use GPT-3, GPT-4, and Embeddings…

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Windows Dev Blog Windows Copilot

Build 2023 – AI Hype or Should You Adopt Early?

This Week in IT, Stephen Rose meets Richard Campbell, host of RunAs Radio, to discuss all the major AI announcements at Microsoft Build 2023. Including, Windows Copilot, Microsoft Fabric, AI plugins, privacy and security, and the AI hype cycle.

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