Specops Releases Gpupdate 2.0 and Remote Admin CTP Products

Specops has recently announced a new product called Remote Admin CTP, and have also updated their Gpupdate product to Version 2.0. They are currently seeking beta testers for both products.

New in Specops Gpupdate 2.0


  • Improved WoL functionality including custom Mac/IP address lookup and support for no-DHCP environments.
  • Immediate WSUS client update


  • New powerful customizable User Interface

PowerShell support

  • View PowerShell code for all chosen commands

Supported Operating systems

  • Support for Win Server 2008 Standard & Enterprise in both x32 and x64 iterations.

Specops Remote Admin

All functionality and features of Specops Gpupdate 2.0 plus…
Additional Commands

  • Remote Assistance
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Event Viewer
  • Run executable remotely
  • View remote computer in explorer
  • Remote registry reading

Full PowerShell support

  • View and run chosen commands as PowerShell code.


  • Full support for scheduling all commands using Windows Task Scheduler

We talked about Specops products before, in the article “How do I run Powershell and VBScripts on Windows PCs using AD and Group Policy?“. You can read more and download the software from the Specops website.

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