SharePoint Podcast Episode #322: The Ten Best Ways to Listen to Todd Klindt’s Podcast

Podcast 322 Ten Best Ways to Listen to Todd Klindts Podcast Time 0 01 0104

Well, clearly Todd is back this week. He made up the terrible title for the show, and he made this terrible image, also. UGH, what do you do?



The good news is that amateur hour was all saved for post production, as the show itself was pretty good. We start out talking about Todd going to the playoff football game, but then we quickly jump into coverage of the Microsoft Band’s new replacement policy, Microsoft Flow’s new services, Office Online Server adding support for Azure, why the cmd prompt will be with us forever, new PowerShell, and the downside of self-driving cars.  A lot of fun and a lot of practical updates along the way. Really, the only screws up were the title and the image. I cannot do everything.

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