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Microsoft Surface RT Review

The Microsoft Surface with WIndows RT tablet has finally arrived. Does Microsoft's entry into the tablet arena have what it takes? Read our review by John O'Neill Sr. to find out.

Oct 31, 2012|John O'Neill Sr

The Friday Funny

Apple and Microsoft Fans: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

In today's The Friday Funny, we explore the relationship between Apple, Microsoft, and the stoner as IT product pitchman.

Sep 28, 2012|Jeff James

Active Directory

How to Search for Deleted Objects in Active Directory

If you have ever wondered where you can find an object that was deleted from the Archive Directory or if you ever wanted to see the details of your lost objects, this post by Daniel Petri can help you. With these instructions, you will have the ability to recover deleted objects.

Apr 10, 2012|Petri IT Knowledgebase


3 Ways to Crack or Remove Lost Passwords in Word 2010 Files

Have you ever been locked out of an important Word document either because you forgot the password or perhaps it left with an employee that is no longer with the company? Michael Simmons provides 3 solutions for recovering lost passwords associated with Microsoft Office 2010 documents.

Feb 28, 2012|Michael Simmons

Active Directory

Administrative Templates in Server 2008 R2 Group Policy Objects (GPO)

In this post, Michael Simmons explains the functions of the Administrative Templates for Group Policy Objects in Windows Server, specifically, Server 2008 R2. These templates allow a huge range of customization of settings for administrators configuring computers and users in Active Directory.

Feb 20, 2012|Michael Simmons

Active Directory

Understanding FSMO Roles in Server 2008 Active Directory

In this post, Michael Simmons explains FSMO Roles in Active Directory 2008. Michael covers all 5 roles: Schema Master, Domain Naming Master, Infrastructure Master, Relative ID Master and Primary Domain Controller Emulator. Together, these FSMO Roles help prevent conflicts when making changes within the traditional multi-master model.

Jan 17, 2012|Michael Simmons

Windows Client OS

Crash Dump Analysis Part 2: Memory Dump Files

In Part 2 of his series on Crash Dump Analysis, Michael Simmons discusses the memory dump files themselves. Michael explains which type of memory dump is best for your situation and how to make sure you can find them after they are saved.

Jan 9, 2012|Michael Simmons

Exchange 2010

Exchange Server 2010: Data Protection Manager Setup

It happens rarely but systems do fail. A robust and reliable backup solution is paramount to ensuring the safety of valuable and irreplaceable data. Microsoft's Data Protection Manager is one option that reliably backs up Exchange servers as well as a whole list of other services. The following article describes DPM's capabilities as well as describes how to set the service up.

Sep 14, 2011|J Peter Bruzzese


How to Backup Fault Tolerant VMs in vSphere 4

vSphere based backup solutions such as VMware Data Recovery and Veeam Backup and Replication v5 rely on vSphere's snapshot technology to backup live VMs, which excludes Fault Tolerant VMs as they do not allow snapshots. In this article, Tom Finnis explains how to use custom scripts to work around these restrictions and enable regular scheduled backups of Fault Tolerance protected Virtual Machines.

Jan 4, 2011|Tom Finnis


Microsoft Office 365: The Next Generation of Cloud-Hosted Exchange, Sharepoint, Office and Lync

Microsoft recently announced Office 365, the next step forward in their cloud computing platform and a significantly enhanced update to the current Business Productivity Online Standard Suite, or BPOS. Aaron Leskiw walks us through the major features of Office 365, including resources for admins transitioning from BPOS to Office 365.

Nov 9, 2010|Aaron Leskiw

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