Microsoft Teams Starts Rolling Out New ‘Video Clip’ Feature in 1:1 Chats

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Microsoft Teams has started rolling out a new Video Clip feature in public preview that was announced at Inspire 2022 last month. The tool allows users to record, edit and view short video messages directly within one-to-one chats.

The Video Clip feature could be helpful in scenarios where users may want to leave a message for a co-worker who is in a different time zone. These video messages can be up to a minute long, and the recipient will be able to play them at their convenience. It is similar to the clips feature that launched in Slack last year.

To try out the feature, Microsoft Teams users can click the small video camera icon available in the chat box. Press the Record button in the new pop-out window to record a video clip. Once recorded, users can click the Review button to playback or edit the video before posting it into the Teams chat.

As noted by Microsoft 365 consultant Petri Jämsen on LinkedIn, the Video Clip feature is gradually rolling out to public preview users. Microsoft expects to make it generally available for all desktop, mobile, and web users in September.

Pre-assign channel members to Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has also released an update that allows meeting organizers to pre-assign channel members to Breakrooms. To do this, select the Breakout rooms tab in the Channel Meeting’s meeting details and then click the Assign participants button.

Microsoft Teams Starts Rolling Out New 'Video Clip' Feature in 1:1 Chats

Keep in mind that the pre-assignment capability is available in preview for channels with less than 300 members. Moreover, the feature is only supported on the Microsoft Teams desktop apps.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Teams now runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs. This release should bring significant performance enhancements for Macs with M1 and M2 chips. It is important to note that the app is rolling out in a staggered manner to all users over the next few months.