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Microsoft Teams Passes 115 Million Daily Active Users  

Microsoft’s collaboration tool is a little over three years old and the platform continues to grow at an incredible pace. The company announced that 115 million people are using the application every single day as of the end of September; you can likely assume that the number is now slightly north of that figure.

At the end of April, Microsoft stated that 75 million people were using the application which means that during the spring and summer months, 40 million additional users started using the application. Simple math shows that the company was pacing at about 8 million new users per month or growth of about 53%.

While the pandemic has put a considerable amount of pressure on nearly every business on the planet, Microsoft, and its portfolio of solutions, were uniquely positioned to be one of the few winners of the massive migration from in-person to remote operations. Teams, being the centerpiece of the Microsoft collaboration story, has continued to benefit from the ‘new normal’ of the remote workforce.

With Skype for Business officially going away in the near future, the adoption of Teams should continue to grow as those customers migrate to the new platform. The key for Microsoft is to make Teams the new ‘sticky’ application inside of Office 365 and all signs are pointing to the fact that this application is becoming the new Excel.

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