Microsoft OneDrive to Get New Web Experience with AI-Powered File Recommendations

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Microsoft has announced a new version of the OneDrive web app for business and education customers. The company highlighted today that the updated app will include a new home experience that reduces the time required to find important files and documents.

With this release, the OneDrive web app is getting a new “For you” section that leverages AI-powered file recommendation features to surface personalized and relevant content. Microsoft plans to roll out the feature in the coming months.

“We’ve also added rich, context-based organization, such as views that show you recent, shared, and favorite and files from meetings. These views help you get back to content quickly. And lastly, inline activity updates let you catch up on files at a glance or jump right to comments in files that you want to address,” the OneDrive team explained.

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Shared view

Microsoft is adding a new Shared view to the OneDrive web app. The new feature will provide a central hub to view all internal and external files shared with the OneDrive user. The company will begin rolling out the new Shared experience later this quarter.

People view

Another important update for OneDrive is a new People view that will let users organize files by people and view recent file activity. Users will be able to pin specific people to the top of the page for easier access. The new People view will be available in the OneDrive web app later this year.

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New meetings view and other updates coming to OneDrive

Microsoft is also introducing a new Meetings view that will let users view files shared through notes, online meetings, and Microsoft Loop. Moreover, the OneDrive web app is getting the ability to filter PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF files. There is also a new customization feature that will let users change the color of the folders in OneDrive. Other capabilities include offline support and a new sharing experience.

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Filter specific file types in OneDrive

Last but not least, the OneDrive web app will let users create File Shortcuts links and pin certain files as Favorites. Microsoft also announced today that the new features will also make their way to the Files app in Microsoft Teams.