Microsoft 365 Web Apps Now Let Users Switch Between Multiple Accounts

Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft has released a new feature that allows users to switch between multiple personal and work accounts in Microsoft 365 web apps. The account switching capability began rolling out to all Microsoft 365 customers earlier this month, and it should become generally available in late June.

Previously, the only way to switch accounts was to sign out of one account and then log in with another account. This latest update eliminates the need to use separate Microsoft Edge profiles or InPrivate windows and should help to increase users’ productivity.

Microsoft 365 Web Apps Now Let Users Switch Between Multiple Accounts

To try out this feature, users will need to click the account manager option available in the top-right corner of the Microsoft 365 web app. Now, users will be able to log in with a new account or switch to a different account previously signed into the browser. Once done, the webpage will automatically research to show the content from the new account.

Microsoft has also detailed a few limitations of the account switching feature. Currently, it is impossible to run two or more active Microsoft 365 apps with different simultaneously in the same browser instance. For example, if a user has two browser tabs open with work and personal accounts, the app will prompt them to refresh the inactive tab.

Account switching support coming to more Microsoft 365 web apps

The firm ensures that it will maintain user data integrity and privacy across work/school accounts and organizations. “Security and privacy are extremely important for both Microsoft and our customers, and this feature maintains data integrity and privacy across different account and organization boundaries. In other words, each account will continue to only have access to the data they have permissions for,” Microsoft explained.

The account switching feature is currently supported in Outlook on the web, Word, Excel, OneDrive for the web, PowerPoint for the web,, SharePoint, and the Microsoft 365 admin center. Meanwhile, Microsoft is actively working on expanding its support to more Microsoft 365 web apps, though there’s currently no ETA.