Google Authenticator Now Lets Users Back Up 2FA Codes to the Cloud


Google has released a new much-awaited feature for its Authenticator app on Android and iOS. The latest update allows users to sync their two-factor authentication codes (2FA) to Google accounts.

Google launched its Authenticator app for mobile users back in 2010. It’s designed to help customers protect their online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). The app generates unique one-time passwords (OTPs) that let users securely log in to online services.

Until now, the Google Authenticator app used to store OTPs only on the primary device. This meant that if a user lost access to their device, they wouldn’t be able to access any of their accounts secured with the 2FA mechanism. This issue was a significant drawback of the app, and Google has finally taken steps to address the problem.

“With this update we’re rolling out a solution to this problem, making one time codes more durable by storing them safely in users’ Google Account. This change means users are better protected from lockout and that services can rely on users retaining access, increasing both convenience and security,” said Christiaan Brand, Group Product Manager a Google.

How to sync 2FA codes in Google Authenticator

To use the cloud syncing feature, Google Authenticator users will need to install the latest update from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once enabled, users will see a cloud icon at the top right corner of the screen. It indicates that all codes will be automatically backed up to users’ Google Accounts. However, keep in mind that the security feature is not available for everyone just yet.

Overall, the new cloud syncing feature is a great improvement that makes multifactor authentication more secure and convenient for customers. “While we’re pushing towards a passwordless future, authentication codes remain an important part of internet security today, so we’ve continued to make optimizations to the Google Authenticator app,” Brand added.