Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 – June 2020

For Microsoft, the fiscal year has come to an end with the company starting with a new fiscal year on July 1st. As the quarter completed, there were several large updates pushed out to Office 365 that you should know about.

Compliance is a big factor when it comes to data retention and to help you better understand your exposure, we created a deep dive into the updated Microsoft 365 Compliance Center. For anyone who has to work with regulatory frameworks, you need to be investing time to learn the features of the compliance center to make audits easier to navigate.


Also rolling out this month, Outlook for Windows finally has a cloud roaming option. This feature delivers roaming profiles that can sync a wide variety of settings and should make it easier for users to jump between devices.

For those that use PowerShell, the updated Exchange Online PowerShell module has reached general availability. The big change is the introduction of nine cmdlets built on REST APIs to replace older cmdlets like Get-Mailbox and Get-MailboxStatistics.

While we wait for the new Task experience to arrive, Microsoft is making it easier to use To Do at work – currently To Do is targeted at the consumer. To Do will soon support list sharing between personal and work accounts. The goal with this feature is to make it much easier to utilize To Do with a personal MSA and a work account. Specifically, this update will let “users in your organization join, view, modify, and add data to lists owned by personal Microsoft accounts.”

Microsoft also rolled out a new Walkie Talkie feature this month, if you want to learn how to set up the feature and get the most out of the functionality, check out our writeup here. There are also new IT controls in Teams for configuring the defaults for who should be a presenter in a meeting.

And the last thing on the corporate side of Teams, there is new functionality in the SharePoint Migration Tool to make moving Teams content a bit easier.

The consumer iteration of Teams has also arrived in preview as well. While most business users don’t need to use any of these features, Microsoft is hoping that you will take your work productivity tools and apply them to your personal life.

On the Yammer side of life, if you need help creating compliance records for an upcoming audit, Tony has a deep dive into how you can create the documentation. And by the end of July, Microsoft will roll out an update to the Yammer mobile app that makes it easier to share video to that social platform.

This is a high-level look at some of the larger announcements this month from the Office 365 org. You can find info about announcements here and as always, you can sign up for our newsletters to get the latest information as it is announced.