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How to Automatically Hybrid Azure AD Join and Intune Enroll PCs

On-premises Active Directory domain-joined PCs have typically been managed with...

Mar 29, 2021|Ru Campbell

PowerPoint Auto Fix Can Clean up Your Slides with a Single Click

You’re running late prepping for a meeting…your supervisor asked you...

Mar 29, 2021|Michael Reinders

How to Package and Deploy Windows Applications with Intune

Intune Administrators can deploy, make optionally available, or uninstall Win32...

Mar 24, 2021|Ru Campbell

Microsoft's Making it Easier to Adjust Sharing Link Permissions

Microsoft will be rolling out a simplified sharing control for files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. This will allow users to more easily control the sharing of files for their collaborators.

Mar 19, 2021|Michael Reinders

New 'Show Changes' feature Coming to Excel for the Web

One of Microsoft Excel’s Project Managers (PMs) on the Office...

Mar 17, 2021|Michael Reinders

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