Microsoft Teams Now Lets Users Forward Chat Messages

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams has started rolling out a new feature that allows users to forward chat messages with a single click.
  • Microsoft Teams users can forward messages to 1:1 chats, group chats, and meeting chats.
  • The forward message feature will be generally available for Microsoft Teams desktop, web, and mobile users later this month.

Microsoft Teams has started rolling out a new update that allows users to forward messages from one chat to another with a single click. The new feature is currently available across all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and the web.

Specifically, Microsoft Teams users can now forward messages to 1:1 chats, meeting chats, and group chats. This feature is similar to the “forward messages” feature in Slack and allows users to share important information with colleagues without having to copy and paste text from messages. However, it’s important to note that currently, only one message can be forwarded to one chat at a time.

To try out this new feature, Microsoft Teams users will need to click the Forward button in the right-click menu (overflow menu). They can select the recipient of the forwarded message from the people picker menu in the compose dialog box. Additionally, users can add additional text to a forwarded message to provide more context to the recipient.

Microsoft Teams Now Lets Users Forward Chat Messages

Microsoft Teams’ forward message feature to reach government customers next month

Microsoft Teams’ new forward message feature will become generally available for commercial customers later this month. Moreover, Microsoft expects to roll out the feature to government customers (GCC, GCCH, and DoD) in mid-February 2024.

In related news, Microsoft plans to introduce a new Discover Feed that will allow users to catch up on the most important updates related to Teams channels. Users will also be able to customize the Discover feed based on their preferences. Last month, Microsoft Teams added several new features, including support for Loop components in channels, a new search experience, as well as custom channel backgrounds, and you can find more details in our separate post.