GET-IT: Submit Your Questions for Microsoft Teams Product Manager Anupam Pattnaik

Microsoft Teams AMA

As usual, we are looking forward to our annual Microsoft Teams free 1-day virtual conference, this year coming up November 30. In addition to the customary sessions presented by industry professionals and Microsoft MVPs on everything from managing users in the Admin Center to driving collaboration with proper governance, Petri’s Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Rose, is hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Teams, Anupam Pattnaik.

Microsoft Teams AMA with Anupam Pattnaik

If you’d like to ask Microsoft directly about how Teams currently works, what the plans are for the future, and anything you would like to know about Teams from either Stephen or Anupam, then submit your questions below using the form and we’ll get through as many as possible! You can submit up to 3 questions.

You can also chat live with Stephen and Anupam if you attend the live broadcast November 30, 2023. Optionally, you can listen to the answer to your questions on demand.

GET-IT 1-day virtual conference sessions

Stephen Rose will be opening the conference with a session on the new Teams client, which recently hit general availability, how AI will be integrated into Teams, and the future of Microsoft 365 as a productivity platform.

Jasper Oosterveld will be looking at how proper governance can drive collaboration using Teams and Microsoft 365. Often an overlooked subject, Jasper will be offering insights into best practices that you should be implementing now.

João Ferreira will be delving into Viva Connections and how to set up multiple instances to unlock collaboration. Viva Connections is an app in Microsoft Teams that is designed to keep employees informed about your company’s latest news and updates, plus access to conversations and tools.

And IT Pros tasked with managing Teams can learn how to manage users, teams, and policies using the Microsoft Teams Admin Center. Michael Reinders provides an overview of how to perform basic administrative functions and get the most from the tool.

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