Microsoft Teams Channels to Get New Discover Feed

Microsoft Teams

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft Teams is getting new a Discover Feed to let users catch up quickly on relevant channel conversations.
  • Microsoft Teams users will have the ability to tailor the Discover Feed to their preferences.
  • Microsoft is introducing new audio and video flyouts for Teams meetings in January 2024.

Microsoft Teams is about to add a new Discover Feed for channels, which will roll out to desktop and web users next month. This new feature aims to provide a personalized feed for users to stay updated on important announcements, eliminating the need to navigate various Teams channels.

“We are bringing users a personalized channel feed from people and topics users care about. Instead of going through each channel listed to catch up on what’s happening in the org, users can come to Discover Feed in Teams to catch up quickly on relevant channel conversations,” Microsoft explained on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Microsoft Teams users will be able to customize the Discover Feed by selecting the “Do not show post from X person/channel” button. Moreover, users will have the option to provide feedback on whether a post appearing in their feed is helpful or not.

Microsoft Teams Channels to Get New Discover Feed

Microsoft Teams’ Discover Feed to hit general availability in February

Microsoft expects to start rolling out this new feature in late January, and all Microsoft Teams users should have it by February 2024. It’s one of the top requested features, which consolidates all interesting content from different Teams channels.

In addition to the Discover Feed, Microsoft will add new audio and video flyouts to let users manage their audio and video settings during Teams meetings. This eliminates the need for participants to navigate to the settings menu for minor adjustments. The feature is slated to become generally available for all Microsoft Teams users starting next month.

Microsoft Teams is also getting a new feature that will allow users to archive inactive channels. Users can view channel content but cannot engage with it through messaging, commenting, reacting, or editing.