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Delivering High Availability in the Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud availability can be difficult because most businesses are running a mixture of many different technologies that all need to be available in order to support their business-critical applications. Availability in the hybrid cloud needs to begin at the design phase of your application infrastructure.

Last Update: Sep 16, 2022


Introduction to the IT Roadmap Planning Tool for Microsoft 365

In this article. I will make an overview of the IT Roadmap Planning Tool for Microsoft 365.

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Sponsored: Conquering Remote Desktop Challenges

Conquer your Remote Desktop challenges by overcoming a few of the more common hurdles.

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Avoiding Accidental Changes with PowerShell’s WhatIf and Confirm Parameters

Learn how to prevent PowerShell mistakes by adding -whatif and -confirm parameters.

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Migrate Content from to OneDrive for Business

Jussi Roine discusses Microsoft’s announcement that is being phased out.

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Improving The User Provisioning Process

User provisioning is a tasks that many administrators detest but what if there was a better way? Petri and HelpSystem can help you improve this process.

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Description This command line utility enables an administrator to hide or disable the start button. Requirements: This tool requires Windows 2000/XP/2003. Current version: 1.0 Download Download (3kb) You need to extract the tool/script found in the downloaded file by using WinZip or similar. Syntax ​StartBut /enable | /disable | /hide | /show For example:…

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Description This utility changes desktop icons, start-menu icons and quick-launch icons as well as proxy settings whenever the computer’s IP address is changed. It is also capable of running scripts whenever the IP address changes. Here are a number of usage scenarios: Configure a laptop computer to automatically set the organizational proxy server as the…

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Description This tool displays the computer name, IP address and optionally a text message on the user’s desktop. Not as complex as Sysinternals’ BGInfo, but very easy to deploy. Just specify the file in the logon script. The current version allows for displaying of computer names that are longer than 8 characters. Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003…

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Description This utility creates a directory tree. Download Download (6kb) You need to extract the tool/script found in the downloaded file by using WinZip or similar. Syntax ​TreeMD For example: To create the following directory tree: You need to run the following command: ​TreeMD c:’Temp’a’b’c Support No support of any sort will be given…

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