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PowerShell Classes Part 5 — Classes or PSCustom Objects?

Custom PowerShell objects are one way to represent a set of data as a single object and so are PowerShell classes. In this article, take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two object structures so that you can best define custom objects for your needs.

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PowerShell Classes Part 4 — Constructors and Inheritance

Take your PowerShell class programming to the next level! Define constructors to simplify the creation of the classes, and use inheritance to create a hierarchy of classes and subclasses that inherit properties and methods.

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PowerShell Classes Part 3 — Using Methods

In part 3 of the PowerShell Class series, Missy Januszko discusses how to define methods to perform actions against an instance of the class.

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PowerShell Classes Part 2 — Enumerated Types

In the second part of the series on PowerShell classes, learn how and where to declare constant values using Enums and explore the differences between enums and ValidateSet.

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Creating Your First PowerShell Class

Take your PowerShell programming to a new level by learning how to use classes.

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Unraveling the Mystery of $MyInvocation

Missy Januszko explores the uses of $MyInvocation.

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Validating PowerShell Input Using Parameter Validation Attributes

Missy Januszko uses parameter validation attributes to define the acceptable input without writing a ton of additional code.

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Avoiding Accidental Changes with PowerShell’s WhatIf and Confirm Parameters

Learn how to prevent PowerShell mistakes by adding -whatif and -confirm parameters.

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Anatomy of a PowerShell Advanced Function

Last Update: Apr 17, 2023

PowerShell advanced functions provide modularity in automating system administration tasks and by structuring PowerShell scripts as advanced functions, you can transform your scripts and functions into reusable tools.

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Deciphering PowerShell Providers

Learn what a PowerShell provider does and how it allows a common set of cmdlets to interact with differently-structured data stores.

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