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A Roundup of Recent AWS Announcements

Amazon AWS is today’s leading cloud provider supporting millions of customers with over 175 cloud services from 22 geographic regions around the world. AWS has been available for over 13 years yet Amazon continues to evolve AWS at an extremely rapid pace. Some of the recent AWS announcements from January 2020 include:

Feb 10, 2020|Michael Otey

Amazon Adds new Features to AWS Backup

AWS Backup was first released last year in January 2019 and since that time Amazon has reported that over 20,000 customers are using it to protect their Amazon cloud and on-premise services.

Feb 7, 2020|Michael Otey

Getting Started with Free AWS Offerings

While businesses have been adopting the cloud and cloud services at an ever-increasing rate not everybody has made the move to the cloud. There are still businesses that are evaluating the different cloud providers and their offerings and here is what Amazon offers for 'free'.

Feb 4, 2020|Michael Otey

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: Microsoft Earnings Special Edition

Because Microsoft announced its most recent quarterly earnings this week, this edition of Short Takes is going to obsess over the results, with a deeper dive into key parts of the business.

Jan 31, 2020|Paul Thurrott

Five Facts about Hybrid Cloud Backup

Using the cloud as a backup target is definitely one...

Dec 10, 2019|Michael Otey

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