A Closer Look at Microsoft’s First Build of Windows 11

vlc 2021 06 28 15 56 48

Microsoft has released the first build of its ‘next-generation’ operating system that will be known as Windows 11. Featuring significant UI updates and new system requirements that are causing quite a few headaches, Windows 11 is anything but ordinary.

In this release, there are many new features that we have not seen before like app updates, the new store, settings, and File Explorer. But there are a couple of items that are not included like support for Android apps and the new Teams experience.

As you can see from the walkthrough, the build is not quite yet complete and there are a few sharp edges that need to be worked out before release. That being said, considering that this is the first release, it’s relatively complete from what we have seen in previous years when it comes to Windows updates.

If you want to download a build for yourself, the best way to do that is to follow these instructions.