Copilot in Windows Adds New Copilot for Microsoft 365 Integration, Accessibility Features

Windows Copilot

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft has announced updates to streamline access to the Copilot AI assistant on Windows 11 PCs.
  • Copilot in Windows is getting new Copilot for Microsoft 365 capabilities, allowing users to seek help with tasks like writing emails and summarizing meetings.
  • Copilot in Windows is getting new accessibility features, such as Live captions and text size adjustment.

Microsoft is hosting its Surface and Windows AI event today, where the company has announced several updates coming to Windows 11 and Windows 365. The company also highlighted its efforts to simplify user access to the new Copilot AI assistant on Windows devices.

Copilot in Windows allows users to ask questions in natural language commands, troubleshoot issues, and change Windows settings. To access the tool, users can simply click on the Copilot icon located on the Windows taskbar. Users can also press the dedicated Copilot key to launch the tool on the new Surface for business devices.

Microsoft explains that pressing the Copilot key will open Windows Search when Copilot for Windows is not enabled on the device. Currently, Copilot in Windows is available for customers in select markets, and the company plans to expand its availability to other regions over time.

“Copilot in Windows is an AI orchestrator, taking on tasks across apps, files, settings, data, and the web, so people can get better answers faster, grow their skills, and let Copilot do more of the busy work. This enables employees to focus on strategic work and get things done faster,” said Melissa Grant, Senior Director of product marketing for Windows Enterprise, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Copilot in Windows
Copilot in Windows (Image credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft also announced today a new Copilot for Microsoft 365 integration in Copilot for Windows. The AI assistant allows users to ask questions, get help with writing emails, and catch up on Teams meetings. Copilot for Microsoft 365 also lets users summarize meetings with attendee lists, important highlights, and actionable items.

With Copilot in Windows, users can click the “Work” option to enable the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience. However, the feature will only be available for organizations with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license and Copilot in Windows enabled. Microsoft’s research indicates that the AI assistant enhances productivity, allowing users to save up to 10 hours per month.

Copilot in Windows to add new accessibility features

Microsoft plans to add new accessibility features to Copilot in Windows. This release will allow users to start Live captions, change text size, turn on the narrator, and launch the screen magnifier. Microsoft plans to roll out a Windows 11 preview build with the new accessibility features later this month.

Additionally, the voice shortcuts feature will allow users to quickly perform tasks with custom commands on Windows 11 PCs. For instance, users will be able to open files, folders, URLs, and apps, paste text and media, as well as move files and folders between multiple displays.

In case you missed it, Microsoft has officially announced its new Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business devices. The new Surface AI PCs are available for pre-order in select markets today, and you can check out our separate post for more details.