Windows 10 Approaches 1 Billion Devices But Windows 7 Refuses to Go Away

Early next year, Windows 7 will reach its end of support which means running the OS, will expose your device and organization to malicious threats. While many customers are well into the journey of migrating away from the OS, there are some who have yet to start the process.

For Windows 10, adoption has been growing steadily, albeit a bit slower than Microsoft had initially predicted when the OS was first released. But, today, the company is saying that there are more than 900 million devices running the operating system which is a significant milestone. Microsoft reported that Windows 10 had passed the 800 million device mark in March of 2019.

According to Net MarketShare, which provides a rough estimate of the operating system landscape, the metrics state that Windows 10 is on about 42% of PCs whereas Windows 7 is still on a sizeable 36%. While these numbers are not perfect, they do show that there is still a sizeable segment of the market running the older operating system.

What this means is that in 2020, Microsoft should easily pass the 1 billion active devices milestone next year. Considering that Microsoft has focused its efforts lately on its cloud and SaaS businesses, Windows remains a key pillar of the company’s long term success.

If you are still running Windows 7 and need additional support, there are a couple of options to prolong your migration to Windows 10; you can find those resources here. But for those of you who have made the move to 10, you are in good company.

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