What’s My Internet Connection Speed?

Ok, so you have your ADSL (or Cable) connection ready and fired up. You’re planning on downloading four hundred fifty seven GB of MP3 files, and you think it’s going to take you less than 3 hours to finish downloading them all.

Why is your connection so slow? Why did your ISP lie to you about the true speed of your connection?
I’ll tell you how to tweak your ADSL and broadband connections in my next (not yet complete) article, but for now let’s see what is the true speed of your connection.
Many sites offer free speed tests for anonymous users. Some of the best places to go are:

Pretty accurate. Will let you build your own speed tests. Cool.
speedtest small
(Sample of a test result)

Has tons of useful tools such as IP Finder, Ports Scanner, TCP/IP Tweaking Scanner and more.
speedtest2 small

(Sample of a test result)

Best suited for US residents, but will show speed for any user.
speedtest3 small

No more, no less. I don’t know how accurate it really is.
speedtest4 small

For various connection methods, including upload and download only tests. Has good information and some nice configuration tips.
speedtest5 small
There are many more sites like these. If you still don’t like any of the ones listed here you could go to Google and look for one yourself.