Site Structure

Site Structure
This site has a large knowledge section where you’ll be able to find most of the stuff you’re looking for.

Under the Knowledge Base section you’ll find the following stuff:

All the tips and tricks are alphabetized.

  • Patches & Service Packs – Know what Service Pack or HotFix your system needs, how to apply it and how to troubleshoot SP issues.
  • Updating and Management Tools – How to keep track of your system’s patching status.
  • Links and Tools – Tons of useful links and tools you can’t leave home without. This section will soon undergo a major facelift. Stay tuned.

  • Classroom Stuff – Where I keep my students informed and place specific classroom stuff. More will follow in a short while.
  • Certification Requirements – Where you can get all the needed information on the various Microsoft certifications.
  • Book Recommendations – Where I post my favorite books.

All the Tips & Tricks pages are constantly updated. Stay tuned.
If you’re looking for something see the Search page. It has Search Tips and Search Engine links, plus a Sam Spade Tools page. There you’ll be able to perform various search operations on this site and on the Web.
If you want to know what’s new and what’s been updated on this site, visit the Site News page. You’ll also be able to read some of my Future Site Plans.
If you want to read some Opinions and see my Studying Tips, click those links.
The Feedback page allows you to send me your comments and thoughts.
The FAQ page is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about this site.
If you want to see the site’s map go to the Contents page.