SharePoint Podcast Episode #324 — My Good Sweatpants

Podcast 324 My Good Sweatpants Time 0 25 3621

Yes, those sweatpants. This episode starts with some very important topics; my sweatpants and Todd’s birthday. But don’t worry, eventually, executive producer Lori Gowin applies the cattle prod and we get focused.

With our newfound focus, we discuss using PowerShell to work with your SharePoint Online, Office 365, and Azure domains. We then manage to stay on topic talking about Microsoft FastTrack and all of the great services to help you move from on-prem to Office 365. We round out the show with a discussion of a new product called StaffHub, a quick blurb on the Windows Management Framework 5.1, and some good ole fashion whining about the client-side object model (CSOM). So if you can power through the beginning, it turns out to be a pretty content heavy show.

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