SharePoint Podcast #331 — Unrelated

Podcast 331 Unrelated Time 0 12 5417

We should really do a better job of posing for these screen grabs. I have no words for how awkward we look.

The good news is this show is all of the awkward. We do a pretty good job of staying on topic talking about the latest Windows 10 Insider build and its cool features. We also cover Enterprise Mobility hitting 85 million users, Azure AD, some authentication issues, and I get upset about patches. Not a lot of SharePoint, but since authentication is key to getting into SharePoint still a helpful show. As the show winds down, we get sidetracked by billionaires and world leaders negotiating on Twitter. Very odd.



Oh, look below. More awkward photos. It is like high school yearbook all over again.

Links from this week’s show:

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