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Other Search Tools

Other Web Search Tools


Want to search the Internet?

Try searching it through GOOGLE which is one of the most powerful search engines, if not the most powerful.


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Want to search Microsoft Related sites?

Besides using the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Support page you can use these cool tools:

You can search Microsoft related sites with this special customized search engine by GOOGLE.


You could also try MSN search. The best feature with this search engine is that it can search the Microsoft Knowledge base for keywords and KB articles.

Go to msn.comSearch the Web for:

Anyway, you should go to my Search Tips page for useful information about the Microsoft Knowledge Base search engine, and for some other search engines that can help you find what you’re looking for.


Are you looking for a specific book?

Amazon has a very good reference engine that can help you find related topics, authors, content and virtually any cross-reference you can imagine. Try this online search feature:

Search Now:

In Association with Amazon.com

I would like to hear your opinion of any valuable books that you feel should be posted here. Please let me know and I will gladly add them to my site.


Want to see the other side?

Try ASTALAVISTA’s search engine. It is a nice and clean portal to the underworld of hacking and cracking.

Tip: Never never never download anything from CRACKS.AM unless you want to cry…


Want to translate some text into your preferred language?

Try ALTAVISTA’s “Babel Fish” translator engine. Although it may return some funny results (as seen on the FAQ page), it’s still a useful tool when you need to know the meaning of a short phrase or a few words.

Type or Paste text or Web address (beginning with http://) here: Translate from: English to Chinese English to French English to German English to Italian English to Japanese English to Korean English to Portuguese English to Spanish Chinese to English French to English French to German German to English German to French Italian to English Japanese to English Korean to English Portuguese to English Russian to English Spanish to English
Powered by Systran


Looking for a specific RFC?

Use RFC-Editor.org for the best “Request For Comments” search capabilities.

Search Request:
Search for : All Fields Number Title Author Keywords   Results Per Page: 25 50 75 100 250 All    RFC File:   ASCII+    All PDF    Search : All RFC STD BCP FYI    Match :  Prefix  Entire Word    Show Abstract:   On   Off    Show Keywords:   On   Off    Result Order :  Descending   Ascending    RFC Contents Via:   FTP  HTTP

Looking for a TCP/IP port used by a Trojan?

Enter your information below. A port number, such as 80 in the port field, will display all services, Trojans and viruses that are known to use this port. Type sub in the ‘Data to Search For’ field, and all the services, Trojans and viruses with sub in their name will be displayed.



Want to query the Ripe Whois Database?

Enter the IP address you want to search for in the box below.

Search for

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