Microsoft’s New eCDN Enhances Live Video Streaming in Teams

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Microsoft has launched a new WebRTC-based enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solution. The new standalone offering is a result of Microsoft’s acquisition of Peer5 in August 2021, and it optimizes network performance to enhance live video streaming in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has become a popular tool for conducting large corporate webcasts and org-wide training sessions in enterprise environments. The company says that live broadcasts are critical for engaging with employees in the new hybrid work era. However, these live events require higher bandwidth and could lead to connection failures, poor video quality, and eventually, a lack of productivity.

Microsoft eCDN helps IT admins address these challenges by alleviating congestion in corporate networks. This should help to ensure an enhanced video streaming and broadcasting experience for a large audience.

“Microsoft eCDN does this by optimizing network performance for video streaming within an enterprise network. Using browser-based technology, with no additional installation required, Microsoft eCDN allows each viewer to strengthen the network for additional viewers,” the company explained. You can see how the new Microsoft eCDN works in the screenshot below:

Microsoft's New eCDN Enhances Live Video Streaming in Teams

Microsoft highlights that its eCDN solution uses fewer network resources to deliver high-quality video streams. Administrators can use analytics tools to track video/network-related issues and troubleshoot these problems before and during Microsoft Teams Live events.

How to enable Microsoft eCDN

Follow the steps listed below to configure Microsoft eCDN in your tenant:

  1. Login to the Teams Admin Center and head to the Live events settings page.
  2. Select Microsoft eCDN in the options available in the Video distribution provider menu.
  3. Finally, click the Save button to apply the changes. It may take a few hours to enable Microsoft eCDN in your tenant.
Microsoft's New eCDN Enhances Live Video Streaming in Teams

Microsoft notes that its eCDN solution is currently available to purchase for businesses at $0.50 per user per month (with an annual subscription). It’s also compatible with HLS-based third-party video platforms, and you can check out this support page for more details.