Build 2024: Microsoft SharePoint Embedded Now Generally Available to Streamline Document Management

Microsoft SharePoint

Key Takeaways:

  • Developers can use SharePoint Embedded to integrate advanced Microsoft 365 capabilities into their applications.
  • SharePoint Embedded allows enterprise customers to run apps within their own Microsoft 365 tenants.
  • Microsoft announced a public preview of custom Copilots in SharePoint.

SharePoint Embedded, the new Microsoft Graph API-powered service that launched in public preview in November 2023 is now generally available. The company has also announced the public preview of SharePoint Embedded custom copilot experiences.

SharePoint Embedded is a new API-based version of SharePoint that allows developers and ISVs to integrate advanced Microsoft 365 capabilities into their file and document-centric applications. These SharePoint Embedded apps offer core content management and collaboration features such as Copilot, co-authoring, searching, sharing, and support for any file type and folder structure.

Microsoft emphasizes that SharePoint Embedded allows organizations to run these apps within their own Microsoft 365 tenants. These apps use Graph API to store files and documents in “File Storage Containers.” Moreover, access to these containers is restricted to SharePoint Embedded apps to enhance the security of sensitive files and documents.

“SharePoint Embedded delivers Microsoft 365 superpowers as part of any app and consolidates all files and documents within a universal document layer. Apps that manage files and documents with SharePoint Embedded have a common set of collaboration, compliance, security, and AI capabilities, all designed to delight users and admins,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has been utilizing SharePoint Embedded to provide document management capabilities in apps like Microsoft Loop and Designer. This service has also addressed business process and content management challenges for customers and partners such as KPMG, Peppermint Technologies, BDO, and AvePoint.

SharePoint Embedded pricing

Microsoft is introducing a pay-as-you-go pricing model for its SharePoint Embedded service. This means that SharePoint Embedded apps will be billed separately through an Azure subscription.

In related news, Microsoft also announced yesterday a public preview of custom Copilots in SharePoint. This new feature allows organizations to build their own Copilot AI assistants to be used within SharePoint environments. It aims to enhance business collaboration, processes, and workflows for Microsoft 365 customers.