Microsoft’s New SharePoint Embedded Service Launches to Build Custom Business Apps

Microsoft SharePoint

Key Takeaways:

  • SharePoint Embedded enables enterprise customers to build custom apps seamlessly integrated into their Microsoft 365 tenants.
  • The service allows businesses to create apps that comply with advanced security and compliance requirements.
  • SharePoint Embedded is expected to reach general availability in mid-2024.

Microsoft announced SharePoint Embedded at the European SharePoint Conference in Amsterdam today. The new offering empowers businesses to craft tailor-made applications that store content with their existing Microsoft 365 tenants.

SharePoint Embedded is a highly scalable platform that leverages the same technology stack as OneDrive and SharePoint. It helps businesses develop applications supporting various Microsoft 365 apps and services. The service can be used to embed content management capabilities into their apps, including coauthoring in Word and PowerPoint, search, content preview, and version tracking.

“Enterprises can use SharePoint Embedded to power line of business apps, creating a unified and familiar experience for both app users and system administrators charged with managing these new apps. ISVs can use this same scalable and performant technology to deliver Microsoft 365 content management capabilities as part of every enterprise app they build,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft SharePoint Embedded
SharePoint Embedded Architecture

With SharePoint Embedded, the custom content apps can leverage autoscaling, disaster recovery, Microsoft 365 Archive, Microsoft 365 Backup, and other business continuity capabilities. The service also lets businesses integrate various SharePoint Premium features (like content assembly, eSignature, and document processing) into their applications.

SharePoint Embedded Availability and Licensing

The SharePoint Embedded builds on the Graphs API and lets businesses build apps that comply with the advanced security and compliance requirements. “It’s fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Microsoft Purview, allowing administrators to use familiar tools to manage content lifecycle, security, and compliance,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft’s new SharePoint Embedded service is currently available in public preview for commercial customers. The company expects this product to reach general availability in mid-2024. It will be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, and customers won’t need additional user licenses. You can find more information about the pricing on this support page.