Microsoft Shakes The Windows Org Tree One More Time

Microsoft Hero 2

Microsoft has made a few changes inside of its Windows org and has promoted Kudo Tsunoda to CVP Windows Apps Studio. Along with that promotion, Chuck Friedman has been named the CVP Windows Shell Program.

The company is looking to make a large organization effort to push its Universal Windows Platform, according to my internal sources and these changes reflect this updated direction.

Microsoft provided the following comment on the org changes:

On the heels of the successful release of the November update for Windows 10 and the New Xbox One Experience, Microsoft added two new members to the Windows and Devices Group Leadership Team: Kudo Tsunoda as CVP Windows Apps Studio and Chuck Friedman as CVP Windows Shell Program Management. These changes will help Microsoft continue to deliver great experiences on Windows 10 and devices, including Xbox, Surface and HoloLens.

During the past 18 months or so, Microsoft has made several significant organizational changes including layoffs, re-calibrating how it will report earnings, and re-configuring its device and services group to bring it under the Windows umbrella.

It’s not quite clear how many new heads are now inside of the Windows org but the team has expanded with these new leaders in the group.

For those curious about Joe Belfiore, his role remains vacated and he will return in 2016 to take back his position.

Microsoft is not the lumbering giant of yesterday and under Nadella the company is continuously re-evaluating its structure and its products. By slimming down in areas of weakness, such as its phone division, and bolstering up where it’s growing, Azure, the company is not afraid to make the tough decisions to align its organization to the new current realities of business.