Microsoft is Merging OneDrive and SharePoint Admin Centers

In the history of Office 365, the words “Microsoft doesn’t have enough admin centers” has probably never been muttered. The company loves dedicated portals and if there is the possibility for a new admin center, Microsoft will give it the green-light faster than approving new license schemes.

That may be a bit of a slight exaggeration but a quick count inside the Microsoft 365 Admin center shows that there are 13 different admin centers active today. But in the near future, that count will drop by one as SharePoint and OneDrive are being merged like Andromeda and the Milky Way (in a few billion years).

While we wait for our galaxies to merge, the OneDrive and SharePoint merge will be happening in March of 2021. This will happen in two phases, the first being in early March (phase 1) and in late March.

So what are the two different phases, they are outlined below (MC240393):

  • In Phase 1, we’re adding OneDrive Sync, Storage, and Notifications settings to the Settings page in the SharePoint admin center. You can identify them by the OneDrive icon and name. In this phase, there are no changes in the OneDrive admin center.
  • In Phase 2, we will add a link from the OneDrive admin center to the converged SharePoint admin center. In addition, we will add a banner in the OneDrive admin center announcing the new access point.

The biggest change at the end of the day will likely be your workflow and “trying to remember where the switch is that I need to flip” as the cheese has been moved. But Microsoft does say that settings will be available in both admin centers until late spring, so you have a little bit of time to adjust.