Microsoft 365 Falls Over Because of DNS

If you can’t get Teams to send messages or properly access your Microsoft 365 content, you are not alone. It appears that there is another significant disruption to Microsoft’s cloud service as both Office 365 status and Azure status pages or currently offline.

The disruption to the service started sometime around 5:30 P.M ET but the extent of the outage is not quite known yet. But it appears that this is quite widespread with Teams, OneDrive,, and even Xbox services are not operating as expected.

msedge 2021 04 01 18 02 45
Microsoft 365 Admin Center failing to show proper service health indicators.

This is the second major disruption in several weeks with Azure AD being knocked-offline a few weeks ago. While we do not know the exact issue, considering how widespread the problem is across the Microsoft ecosystem, I would hedge that it could be DNS-related…because it is always DNS.

Microsoft has acknowledged that they are aware of the outage and that they are working to resolve the issue. That being said, the company has yet to offer an expected time for services to return to nominal performance.

msedge 2021 04 01 18 23 27
Microsoft status pages confirm that it is a DNS-related outage.

We will keep this post updated as we learn more about the outage and its return to nominal operation.

[Update]  As of about 6: 40P.M., Microsoft’s online services are returning to nominal operation. As anticipated, the issue was DNS and after re-routing traffic to an alternative DNS service, Microsoft 365 and related tools are now coming back online.