Controlling IE cache size via GPO

I have seen this question several times at different message boards, so I’ve decided to write something on it.
The built-in GPO settings do not provide a method for controlling the size of the “Temporary Internet Files”, hence the users (if no restriction on the user profile size exist) can quickly fill up the disk space on their computers. The problem becomes more serious with Terminal Services – user profiles start growing and chewing up the disk space on the server.
Follow the steps outlined in the Adding New Administrative Templates to a GPO article on general instructions on how to add or remove an .ADM file from the Administrative Templates section in GPO.
Note: As with many custom Administrative Templates, you will need to remove the requirement to show policy settings that can be fully managed in the GPO editor. Follow the above link for instructions on how to do that.
Next, go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer Cache and configure the cache size.
add adm13 small
Needless to say, as with any GPO setting, this option will only work on Windows 2000 operating systems and higher, and requires you to have an Active Directory in place.
Grab it from HERE (1kb)

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