Certification Requirements

This page will keep record of the most up-to-date certification requirements as posted by Microsoft on their public certification pages and on various certification related newsgroups and forums.
On December 2nd 2002, Microsoft has updated their Microsoft Certification Requirements page. Furthermore, on February 17th 2003 Microsoft has officially published the certification requirements for the new Windows 2003 track. Read the important notes that I’ve published on the following pages.
Passing these requirements will indeed grant you the honor (and what an honor it is!!!) of walking around with an MCSE pin stuck on your tie (yes, we all walk around with MCSE pins stuck in our ties…), or an MCSE card in your wallet – but without actually knowing the stuff you’ll become just another one of those thousands of unemployed “Paper MCSE“.
Furthermore, there is a big difference between what Microsoft recommends as the basic perquisites of a wanna-be MCSA/MCSE – and what actually happens in the real world. Read my Opinions page for an insight on that issue.
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