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Correcting Multiple Monitor Configuration Issues in Vista

Whenever you plug in an external monitor to your Vista computer the OS is supposed to remember your setup and then replicate it each time you plug that monitor in again. However, this doesn't always happen. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri provides a couple quick solutions for getting multiple monitors to configure correctly in Windows Vista.

Jul 15, 2009 | Daniel Petri

Quickly Access your Folders in Vista

One of the most handy tricks in Windows Vista (and previous operating systems) is the My Computer shortcut. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri shows you how to quickly access any folder on your computer through a cool toolbar shortcut.

May 15, 2009 | Daniel Petri

Get Your Desktop Icons Back in Vista

Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008 and even Windows 7 for that matter) are configured so that after the installation completes and the user first logs on, the desktop is totally empty from any icons, and only the Recycle bin is present. While this setup might fit some users, most users want control over their old desktop icons. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri will show you how to do that.

Mar 3, 2009 | Daniel Petri

Change the Default Boot Partition in Windows Vista

With the release of Windows Vista, many users have been...

Jan 8, 2009 | Daniel Petri

Extend the Windows Vista Activation Period Up To 120 Days Using SLMGR.VBS

Windows Vista has a Visual Basic script built-in that will...

Jan 8, 2009 | Daniel Petri

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