Cloud Computing

Build 2024: Microsoft Announces New Azure Virtual Machines for AI and Cloud-Native Workloads

Microsoft announced this morning the public preview of the Cobalt 100 Arm-based virtual machine (VM). The company has also announced the general availability of the new Azure ND MI300X v5 VM series. Microsoft first unveiled its Arm-powered chip Cobalt 100 chip for general-purpose and cloud-native workloads in November last year. The Azure Cobalt CPU is...


Network Security

Broadcom and Google Unveil New VMware License Portability Plan for Businesses

Broadcom and Google have announced a new license portability plan that will allow enterprise customers to run VMware workloads on Google Cloud. Broadcom is also actively advocating for the benefits of the changes to its VMware products among partners and customers. In the new license portability scheme, customers who purchased VMware Cloud Foundation software from…

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Windows 11

What is a Roaming User Profile on Windows?

Last Update: Oct 24, 2023

Roaming profiles are a Windows feature that allows user profiles to be used across multiple workstations within a network. A user profile contains personalized application settings, desktop configurations, application preferences, and other user-specific data. In this article, I will show you how to deploy roaming user profiles in your Windows environment so that users have…

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Datacenter networking servers

Azure VMware Solution – Maximizing Security and Control with Customer-Managed Keys

Last Update: Oct 10, 2023

In this article, I look at Azure VMware Solution, a Microsoft virtual machine (VM) service, verified by VMware, that runs on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. And specifically, how you can add a second layer of encryption to your datastore and ensure Microsoft cannot read or write any data within your private cloud. Data security is a…

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Cloud Computing

Azure VMware Solution Gets Support for Stretched Clusters and Customer-Managed Keys

Last Update: Oct 03, 2023

Microsoft has announced the release of a big update for its Azure VMware Solution (AVS). This release brings support for stretched clusters, customer-managed keys, Azure NetApp Files Datastores, and much more. “Azure VMware Solution is an easy way to extend and migrate existing VMware Private Clouds to run them natively on Azure. Azure VMware Solution…

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Disaster Recovery with Azure Backup for SQL Server VMs

Last Update: Sep 11, 2023

Running VMs in the cloud has become a big part of the modernization of IT infrastructure for most businesses. However, even though those VMs that are in the cloud, the backup mechanisms that they use to provide disaster recovery (DR) capabilities are essentially the same as they would use for on-premise VMs. They often use legacy technologies that require a lot of resources and are difficult to scale.

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Choosing a Disaster Recovery Technology: Backup vs. Replication

Last Update: Sep 11, 2023

There are two primary types of backup technologies and knowing the difference between backup and replication will help you choose the best path forward.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac 19

Windows VMs Get Improved Microsoft Intune Support in Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac is now available on macOS Mojave or newer, and it introduces more ways to manage Windows virtual machines (VMs) on Macs. Parallels Desktop for Mac is now an officially supported solution for running Windows 11 on Apple Silicon Macs (in addition to Windows 365 Cloud PCs), and for organizations interested…

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Microsoft Azure

Azure Virtual Desktop Introduces Watermarking Support to Protect Sensitive Data

Earlier this year, Microsoft released watermarking support in public preview for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). The company detailed in a blog post yesterday that the security feature is now generally available for all commercial customers. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a cloud-based virtual desktop and application virtualization solution that runs in Microsoft Azure. The managed…

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What is Docker?

Last Update: May 22, 2023

One of the most discussed products at VMworld was Docker. So what is Docker? Jeff James gives us an overview.

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