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G Suite Takes a Big Step Forward Towards No Longer Needing Microsoft Office

Google is taking a big step forward with G Suite to make it so that you no longer need to use Office while using the cloud service.

Feb 7, 2018|Brad Sams

Paul Thurrott's Short Takes: February 2

Because we get much closer to Spring every day, this edition of Short Takes corporate earnings from Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon, and some of the interesting facts we can mine from each. Plus some other stuff.

Feb 2, 2018|Paul Thurrott

Google's Bringing a Unified Security View to G Suite

Google is starting to fuse security into its productivity suite in a similar way that Microsoft has done with Office 365.

Jan 18, 2018|Brad Sams

Google Cloud is Adding 5 New Data Centers, Rolling Out 3 New Subsea Cables

Google is expanding its cloud footprint with new data centers and also three new subsea cables coming in 2019.

Jan 17, 2018|Brad Sams

Google Adds Community Connectors Feature to Data Studio

In a recent announcement, Google introduced Community Connectors to Data Studio, which is designed to make data collection, analysis, and visualization easier. What's more is that users can also share their connectors with others.

Jan 8, 2018|Jamie McGibbon

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